Bespoke Security Services

Exposure Security provides custom-tailored information security services. Our clients range from stealth-mode startups to multi-billion dollar businesses.

CISO Advisory Services

Exposure Security's CISO Advisory services provide executive leaders with tools, knowledge and decision-making support to manage risk without crippling the business. Our proven security leaders take a pragmatic and objective approach to balancing security with usability.

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App Sec Training

The primary cause of application insecurity is insecure software development practices. Exposure offers world class, hands-on application security training courses for audiences of unlimited size. All content is developed by our lead trainer, Jim Manico, who is an active OWASP board member.

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Payment Security

Our payment security veterans have over 11 years of payment industry experience and have been closely involved with PCI since the very beginning. We are uniquely qualified to perform payment industry security work due to our experience, relationships and industry knowledge.

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